Our Story

Creative Invention is a greatly invented Graphic Design studio set up in Vancouver, BC. Canada. We are a group of handpicked talented, innovative, creative and passionate professionals dedicated to providing the missing niche in the media industry, and to build long-lasting, loyal relationships with our clients. We transform your brand into an exciting new look through beautiful and strong typography, logo design, and illustration that will capture the world's attention to your business. Always we strive for a clean, smart and attractive graphic design project. Hire us for your branding and creative design projects.


Why us?

We understand sometimes going only with one hat in a creative industry is not enough to convince clients, so we believe we have many hats to raise the bar on what we have to offer like meeting or exceeding expectations, delivering a consistent and successful branding. For strengths and accomplishments, we have qualities, skills, and/or experience that set us apart from the competition and also we make an excellent addition to client business.


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Creative Invention StudioVancouver, BC Canada