Organic Juicy Co

Organic Juicy Co. is a cold-pressed juice company that produces three different kinds of juice products and operates only in the summer. Their products are being produced combining the very best in organically sourced ingredients.

We created a very strong visual identity and web design to help elevate and differentiate the brand from its competitors. By keeping it fresh and juicy, the key colour of each juice flavour was used to bring out that freshness which reflects and letting the brand to speak for itself.

The monogram mark (O+J) was designed using a coordinate system with mathematic formulas x, z, and y to find the area that gives a connection between O (organic) and J (juice) as shown in the coordinate system diagram. The three main primary colours as seen in the logo present the three juice product flavours. For the wordmark, we used the grid system not only to give a good alignment to the wordmark under the monogram mark but also to create an equal adjustment space simultaneously with each letter.

The typeface GEOMETR use for the entire branding has been chosen for it fine curve and boldness to keep the branding strong, minimal as well to stands out for communication with long distance eye contact.

ServicesGraphic Design, Branding, UI/UX Year2017Tools UsedAdobe Illustration, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop

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